Collaboration Services

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Our collaboration service involves implementation of technology solutions on web, mobile or cloud platforms your across enterprise to create a contextual and interactive work environment that fosters teamwork, agility and responsiveness and aid in achieving the desired operational efficiency across dispersed processes and people.

  • Increase personal and team productivity
  • Unite people, information and processes to drive informed and swift decision making
  • Reduce duplication and errors due to centralization of process and information repositories
  • Find right people and information at the right time
  • Achieve synchronous and asynchronous collaboration with real-time information sharing
  • Manage tasks and connect to right processes through a unified collaboration platform

Collaboration Services provides real-time GAL and calendar synchronization for organizations with multiple Exchange instances. The tool maintains secure boundaries between Microsoft Exchange Server and Active Directory forests while providing a transparent collaboration process to deliver optimal protection.Collaboration Services ensures users will always have access to a unified GAL through their Microsoft Outlook client in order to improve your productivity.

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